Mission & Vision

Clinical & Wellness Providers

Rachel Lee Davis is Director and Provider at Umi Wellness. She has a passion for teaching and is excited to bring a variety of classes and events to the Umi community for members and clinicians, as well as return to working in her first language: movement.

Her specialties are: Autism communication and culture, trauma recovery (especially medical and sexual trauma), and patient advocacy consulting for complex Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome cases and autoimmune conditions. Rachel will also be offering classes with Umi-Moves such as movement intelligence, pre-therapy alignment, fascia mobility and more. 

“I am daily inspired by the EDS/HSD community and the strength they embody even when they feel they have none left. I know that feeling. Somehow you keep going. But what if we all didn’t have to do it alone? Or for as many months, days and years? Years of being thought of as broken, dismissed by doctors and rejected by family. With Umi we have the opportunity to build a community that can fill the gap we wake up every day thinking would never be full.” –Rachel Lee

Theresia Random- Welcoming Theresia Of Randomly Natural. This chronic illness warrior has a broad repertoire of somatic therapies she brings to our community with the nuance, care and skill to treat even the most sensitive bodies, minds and hearts.  Theresia is passionate about fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos, and special approaches like wave therapy and lymphatic release for Cancer Care.

In addition to in-person sessions, Terri will teach a variety of online classes throughout the year such as Somatic therapy self-treatment and how to make your own safe essential oils. 

Email livelife@naturallyrandom.com for where you can try some Life water! Hydrate to be great.


Katye Wood – Joining Umi with art, music and laughter. Katye is an elementary music educator, EDS-er and mom, passionate about all rhythms of the world!

Katye comes to start out as a community program volunteer.

Her community music night “Sound Sanctuary” is featured on our Rhythms for  Blues Arts Page.  Click here to learn more and register!

Katye also teaches private music lessons with a specialty in children with special needs, diverse minds, and physical challenges like chronic illness. We gladly recommend her and her lifetime of expertise to any in the NC Triangle area looking for a dedicated and intuitive music teacher, or theory tutor. 


Kaitlyn Scola – joining Umi as a senior navigator while studying to be a dedicated patient advocacy consultant and finishing a degree in genetic counseling. Kaitlyn is warm, full of heart, and we are thrilled to celebrate her gifts here at Umi.

You can read about the services we are collecting and networking to provide on our Offerings page. 

We are meeting with potential providers! 

Umi is unique in how we network with people. Relationship and quality are valued more than competition. If you have even just a few hours to spare to learn about some of the special members we support, and serve them in our community, we’d like to talk with you.

Looking for a full time home with freedom to use your skills with clients ANYWHERE in the US? Want to support to create the kind of meaningful practice you can love to come work in every day? Us too. So we built it!

We would like to connect with mental health providers, bodywork and movement specialists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, family nurse practitioners, and more. If you don’t see YOU, send us your resume and ideas office@umiwellnesscenter.com. 

Thank you for your curiosity!

Interested in joining our staff?


Send us a note with your name, details about you and your interest in being staff or a provider, and we will reach out to you. If you would like to include a resume, please email directly at office@umiwellnesscenter.com 

Thank you for your curiosity!