The Roads We Travel

Our journey is long, troubled, challenging and even dangerous.

This lecture series is curated to give that journey a little less pain and a little more hope.


Spring 2024: Dates and Times TBA as Speakers confirm! Here’s a preview

Registration Open:

How to make the Tough Choices July 13th (Zoom) – with Megan Robinson

To be scheduled:

“Symptomatic” A Review and Discussion on the use of this phenomenal EDS resource. – Coming August

Lymphatics and Essentials with Theresa Random – 

Ahura Holistic Apothecary with Genyii

Dr. Meg Mizrachi of Congruency Physical therapy – this fall!


Past Events – WOW! So good.  

EDS: The Stiff & The Loose – June 4th (Zoom) Dr. Alan Spanos

ReThinking EDS – June 15th in Charlotte, NC! Dr. Alan Spanos 

Lectures that are open to the public will be labeled as their dates and times are announced.  Email to sign up or get on our event news list for regular announcements. Makes sure you add this email to your contact list so you don’t miss any news updates!

The Roads Series

A lecture series inspired by the incredible journey’s of chronic Illness warriors and Zebras. From patients, professionals, therapists, doctors, creatives and friends, we hope to bring a little less pain and a little more hope to your life.

We have to live differently.

As we embody what it means to survive with our without a sense of choice, this online and in-person series of lectures and experiences are made to help integrate what we see, feel, taste, smell, and hear outside of our bodies and notice them within the body itself. Bring them in, and re-connect with that thing which makes our survival so much of a struggle.

From academic lectures on rare disorders and complications to sound bathing, healing oils and music, Umi hopes to lighten your load.

Rachel giving an intro workshop to Bones for Life (R) work of Dr. Ruthy Alon. Young woman in a Bones Wrap feeling relief in hips, spine and head pressure. Rachel explaining how joints are “brought home.”

Classes are offered in 6 week or 8 weeks blocks with rest periods between.

Most classes have both in-person and online options! There is much you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Our wellness philosophy:

Why use a club when a feather works even better?

We design our classes to specially fit those with complex health challenges like:

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes/Hypermobile spectrum Disorder

Genetic disorders


Chronic fatigue



Autoimmune Conditions

This thoughtfulness of nuance in our offerings make them MORE than suitable for all. the details of creating work for the most challenging bodies speaks deeply and more effectively to all bodies.

See our community calendar or events page for upcoming activities!

Some classes are for Umi Members only. Our unique model allows providers and teachers to work across state lines, among other benefits. Find out more about our membership model here.

Inquire about membership here.


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