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Membership: How Umi Works

Curious and want to learn more?

Drop in to one of our new member classes! Offered every second Tuesday of each month via Zoom. Just email a request to our office at office@umiwellnesscenter.com or fill out an inquiry below. 

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Why Membership?

Umi is a 1st and 14th Amendment Private Membership Association: a unique business model in the US that combines for-profit sustainability with non-profit spirit and some of the best protections for our members and providers available.

Not only does PMA status allow us to offer services anywhere in the US from anywhere else in the US, it saves valuable time and money that we can put back into the community.

Membership Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits of membership at Umi.

      • Access to all Community Programs for free!
      • Access to all services, classes, programs, and events.
      • Access to community spaces [as they exist] at no extra cost.
      • The option to apply for financial support for services based on low income and/or financial distress.
      • Discounts and special promotions.
      • Access to information and support from Navigators, including reasonable observation and playtime with children during caregiver’s appointments.

Step 1: Apply!

Our application is very simple, and speaks to the heart of your story, needs and interest. It helps us get to know you.  Take a look here!

Most applications are approved within a single business day. Serving you is our top priority and we do not waste time to get started.

Once your application is affirmed, you will receive an email welcoming you to the center as a provisional member asking you to read through our amazing community handbook, community covenant and the official membership contract.

Have questions?

We are here for you! Send us an inquiry below and one of our Navigators (staff trained to help guide you through the center from here forward) will reach out to talk with you.  They can meet over the phone, online, even in person.

Step 2: Sign up!

When you’re ready, sign your membership contract and covenant and (e)mail them in, then pay your membership fee.

Membership fees are lifetime – only pay once. Here’s the breakdown:

      • Individual $75.00
      • Families of 2 or more joining together – $60.00/person
      • Low Income – $45.00
      • Financial Distress/Crisis $25.00 with approved Umi Care Fund.

The protections of a private membership association are legally sealed by the financial transaction of joining members. It provides hard evidence for any federal or state institutions that would seek to limit our activates or gather fees for our activities.

If you feel you are in our low income or financial crisis category, give details to your Navigator, and our office staff will specifically contact you to help get you the support you need and approve the lower membership fee rate.

Step 3: Affirming Membership

Once we receive your signed contract as a .pdf or scanned copy, it will be reviewed by the office of the Director for a final affirming signature.

Congratulations! You’re now a member of the Umi Family!!!

Let’s get you settled in.

Meeting with a Navigator

This is perhaps the most vital appointment for each new member. In this hour, online or in person, a trained Navigator or Patient Advocacy Consultant will sit with you to get to know your story, needs and goals, and match you with services, classes and programs to fid those needs.

Our Navigator’s Purpose is:

      1. To serve you to the utmost, even in small ways like making sure you have a chair to sit in and don’t have to stand and to guide you to the best offerings for your unique needs as an individual.
      2. To provide our patient advocacy consultants (PACs) or wellness coach with essential information ahead of time so when you meet with your consultant they already know you and are ready to LEAP into your needs and goals.

Our Mission: to Leap!

L – Learn Continually

E – Engage Relationally

A – Attach with Joy

P – Play! Always.

New Member Class

No one should slip through the cracks, no matter how far away you are.

So we offer a new member class every month, currently online, where you can explore more questions about our handbook, offerings and community programs. We’ll share how we will manage any conflict and grievances fairly and with joy. And of course, spend time meeting new people and a variety of staff and providers who will join in to be with you.

We ask that each new member, or one person who can represent a family who is joining, attend this class within 60 days of signing your membership contract.


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