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Vivid Tissue & Intelligent Bones

Free Intro Classes Returning to Zoom this Fall!

Classes are taught via secure zoom. You’ll receive a handout of instructions, helpful tools you can find from your own home for class, and how to set up your space for each session. Rachel will also spend time before each class helping you set up and check in with your body in case adjustments need to be made. We’ll approach each step with the utmost care. 

Try this simple DIY fascia glide for reduced tension and pain while waiting for our next offerings.

Movement Intelligence:

Fascia Mobility, Movement, and

Bones for Life (R).

  This class, focuses on the incredible work of Dr. Ruthy Alon, who developed Bones for Life (R) from her extensive work with the incredible Moshe Feldenkrais in order to help women and men suffering from osteoporosis. Ruthy noticed that when the body finds its alignment in space and comes back into agreement with gravity the bones within us strengthen, pain decreases, and the body begins to ENJOY moving. In this transformative work, backed by science and thousands of hours of global experience, is truly life changing. 

Your Instructor: Rachel Lee, former dancer and dance educator, discovered Bones work while recovering from surgery with Cheryl at Drake Advanced Myofascial, and found a missing link in the trajectory of the hypermobile body from disability to ability.  She began training the very next year and is thrilled to bring these first sessions to the Umi Wellness community as a FREE opportunity to find joy in your movement again! 

Rachel has completed all 3 segments of the Bones training program, will graduate this summer, and is  pursuing ongoing and mentoring with Movement Dialogues in Charlotte, NC. 

Bones work is suitable for all ages, though these classes are currently bent towards children 12+.  Bones is excessively gentle, and Rachel brings to these classes personal experience with EDS complications such as tethered cord, craniocervical instability, joint dislocation, POTS, MALS and much more.  

Classes are offered in 6 week or 8 weeks blocks with rest periods between.

Most classes have both in-person and online options! There is much you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Our wellness philosophy:

Why use a club when a feather works even better?

We design our classes to specially fit those with complex health challenges like:

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes/Hypermobile spectrum Disorder

Genetic disorders


Chronic fatigue



Autoimmune Conditions

This thoughtfulness of nuance in our offerings make them MORE than suitable for all. the details of creating work for the most challenging bodies speaks deeply and more effectively to all bodies.

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Some classes are for Umi Members only. Our unique model allows providers and teachers to work across state lines, among other benefits. Find out more about our membership model here.

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