Patient Advocacy Consulting

What is Patient Advocacy?

Patient Advocacy has many hats in the medical community, and many incredible people dedicate hours of their day to these general services.

Patient Advocacy Consulting at Umi is different. Here, we aren’t just navigating insurance paperwork or recommending the first doctor on our list. We LEARN you, and strive to guide you to people, answers and care you can trust.

We’ll start with a medical history and life history oriented around your needs and goals. We will listen to your story and help you feel seen and heard, so you can listen to your own body clearly and BELIEVE what you hear.

Then, we will help guide you to people, answers, and care you can trust. But we don’t stope here. We will work with you before each new appointment to track symptoms, process possible outcomes and treatments, and prepare notes for you to take with you so you can REMEMBER what you want to say.

Not only do we train for this, and study avidly to stay current on as many traditional, integrative and alternative options as we can we:

  • Build relationships with care providers in your area. 
  • Spend extra time and energy to listen to fellow patients about their experiences.
  • And frequently have first hand experience of the conditions we specialize in. 

When you leave the doctor’s office feeling small, insignificant and confused, wishing you had remembered that one question or wondering if it is your fault that they can’t figure out what’s going on, Umi advocates are there to help you stand tall again. Or sit, or lay down! With pride and peace.

Can you still help with paperwork?

Yes. We do everything else you have heard patient advocates do! But when we find you a physician we will vet them ahead of time concerning your condition and needs, study ways to best communicate with them as another unique individual in a complex process, help prepare you for the visit, and follow up after words to pursue your satisfaction and make sure your needs have actually been met.

When we organize physician notes will pay close attention to errors, signs of possible misunderstanding, and even outright differences between your experience and that of the physician so you don’t have to spend a minute more than necessary with someone who isn’t truly listening to you. 

The Umi Purpose

We do all this and SO much more within the freedom of our private membership association. Our advocates will create space for you to process your fears, anxiety, and concerns with thoughtfulness. They can also be a sounding board for your own process and creative ideas without consequences to your overall care.

Knowing yourself and your body isn’t a privilege others should have while you are forced to observe from a distance. It is a gift to be loved, treasured and enjoyed. To be known by you.

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