Umi FAQs

What conditions do you care for?  Many! We don’t care for conditions, we care for people and the body’s that call them home.  While we can inspire you with wellness coaching, fitness, nutrition and unique classes that grow and shape you inside and out, we are particularly known for our knowledge and ability to care for complex and multi system conditions that are most often misdiagnosed and misunderstood.  Conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Fibromyalgia, or bizarre expression of sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis.

Medical conditions like connective tissue disorders and fibromyalgia can have very mild expression, or advance suddenly and take the patient by surprise. If you are coming to us in one of these surprises our Navigator’s will connect you with an advocacy consultant as quickly as possible. If you are in-between knowing and not knowing, we are here for you right were you are and will help get you where you need to be.

Can my family come too? Absolutely. Many challenges to our wellness are hereditary and we understand that one of the biggest fears of a parent is “What if my children or loved ones have this?” Bring your spouse, your partner, your caregivers. The space is for children, too (we’ll have ours there!), where they can meet with other kids with shared experiences, or a compassionate mentor to help them talk through what it means to have a chronic condition and still find joy in life. Our special family days will allow mamas and daddies to get care peacefully while children play and learn with one of our talented teachers and do art, breathe work, reading games, movement fun, gardening and so much more.

I don’t think I have complex condition but I’m looking something different for my health and community. Can I join? Yes! We are passionate about sustaining health and being with you whether you are struggling in mind, body or spirit, or just need the kind of community where you can feel heard, respected and supported as a whole person. We believe in healing the disconnect between our bodies and sense of self that is so subconsciously perpetuated in modern medicine. That you must only observe yourself while others have the privilege of knowing and understanding you, and telling you what to do about it.

Umi can be a place for you to BE, care for yourself and your family, friends, children or pets, and feel your best affordably and meaningfully.

What about my anxiety? I have PTSD from how I’ve been treated by the medical community. You’re not alone. This is a safe place. Not only will you find a community full of kindred spirits working towards their own recovery, from medical trauma to physical, psychological trauma, and more, you will find Joy. We will be networking with wonderful Mental Health Providers to grow a group of counselors who know what you’re going through almost, or just as well as, you do.  We’re also setting up community trauma recovery programs where you can process your story through writing, art, movement or meditation and prayer, and begin to heal on your own gentle terms.

My medical care is a mess, papers everywhere, so much testing and lab work. I don’t know how to handle it all. I’m scared that if people knew all the things that I’ve been through that they’ll think I’m making this up! We’ve been there too. We’re partnering with Rachel Lee Patient Advocacy to train skilled patient advocates who know the nuances of your condition(s), and community Navigators who will be able to help organize your medical history, put together the big picture, and even come with you to appointments at the Center and help take notes, recall all the questions you want to ask, and then sit with you afterwards to process what needs to be done.

What is a Private Membership Association (PMA)?  A PMA is a unique, unincorporated business model that allows for incredible creativity, free will and service for its members. It is completely in the private sphere and as such can be designed based on REAL NEEDS rather than beurocracy.  Think of Umi a bit like an exclusive club. But instead of charging you like a fancy club, we are using this special model to keep our costs lower than is possible with other business models, while raising the standard of care beyond excellence and into the realm of personal, unique neeeds of overlooked and marginalized communities. The PMA community is maintained by a trustee or trustees who are members, and services are provided by other members of that same community.

When you join Umi, you affirm as a private individual, with inalienable rights protected by the Constitution and our legal advocacy team the following: 1. your right to chose your own medical care. 2. The right to choose your own treatment plan and modalities. 3. Your right to choose your own providers to meet these needs.

We chose the PMA model because it reflects our desire to create a community with real freedom. Not just for our providers to give skilled care and therapies affordably, but for our members to be able to truly be themselves. Second, it represents our desire to engage with the most difficult cases, not just easy ones for a quick buck.

What does it cost? Our membership fee is small, and lasts a lifetime. No monthly or even annual fees that you do not choose. Our offerings are available as needed, or as a part of a variety of subscriptions that allow for discounted services throughout the entire center. You can choose a predesigned bundle, or work with a Navigator to create specialty subscriptions built around what you specifically need NOW that will allow you to get the care you need right away, and also have time to pay for it.  We will not be in network with insurance companies, but we will provide superbills for services your insurance covers, and support to help you learn to file with your insurance company. We never want cost to be the reason you can’t have the help you need. Visit our How Umi Works page for details on membership!

I’m in a financial crisis from health, or caring for someone with many needs and we can’t afford anything right now. We want to help. Let us know what you are going through honestly and we will do everything we can to give you support to get better. Why? Because we believe in what we’re offering!  Let us help you get stable so that you can go back to work, or find a new job you can love that doesn’t compromise you’re health.  And if that isn’t enough, we are developing a special Umi Care Fund for the men, women, and children who need it most. For those who qualify for severe financial distress and below poverty income, you may apply for support from this fund and receive the services you need to help get out of crisis and improve you’re quality of life. For more details call us today. 

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