Rhythms for Blues

Don’t let life get you down!

Get up and dance, or rest with peace in our music, arts and drama offerings.

Hoping to Return this Fall! Have a passion for teaching and desire to make offerings accessible for medical challenges? Please reach out!  We are eagerly looking for caring creatives to expand these offerings to our local areas and online. Email office@umiwellnesscenter.com

Sound Sanctuary – with talented music educator Katye Wood

Llama Drama – Once a month online drama games for hypermobile kiddos.

Heart Beats – Sway and Play with this once a month dance and movement exploration for kids with POTS and other Cardio-Conditions. 

Sound Sanctuary

This series is a special 6 week series of weekly online Music and Movement gatherings designed to give you time to rest, relax, recharge, and rejoice in the special ways that sound and movement help renew our mind, body, and spirit.

Each of the gatherings will be appropriate for all ages, movement activities will have options to adapt them to what your body needs at that time, and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of previous musical experience.

Join us as we enjoy the experience of community built by shared experiences and hopefully add resources for you to draw from in your wellness journey.


Returning in Fall 2024. Enjoy your summer!

Classes are offered in 6 week or 8 weeks blocks with rest periods between.

Most classes have both in-person and online options! There is much you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Our wellness philosophy:

Why use a club when a feather works even better?

We design our classes to specially fit those with complex health challenges like:

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes/hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

Genetic disorders


Chronic fatigue



Autoimmune Conditions

This thoughtfulness of nuance in our offerings make them MORE than suitable for all. the details of creating work for the most challenging bodies speaks deeply and more effectively to all bodies.

See our community calendar or events page for upcoming activities!

Some classes are for Umi Members only. Our unique model allows providers and teachers to work across state lines, among other benefits. Find out more about our membership model here.

Inquire about membership here.


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