How does one pick the perfect first post? As I write the SEO software tells me that a 99/100 rating has dropped to 79/100. Oh! Back up as soon as I finished the sentence! Now back down. ug.

How silly is it, that beauty of words have been reduced to algorithms on a web page. Then, humans, we go and translate those “rithms” into our lives and relationships as though they have real meaning. *sigh.* But the codes and content rules, algos and the SEO analysis, it all keeps us painfully distant while feeling like we are connected.

See. Writing is so much more than making sales. Good writing brings people together. and GREAT writing knows both when to declare itself and when to fade. Let’s break it down.

The first post is both vital and meaningless.

Let’s talk vitality first.

  1. The first post is vital because it will likely create the next week of first impressions about our amazing community at the Umi Wellness Center, and we all know what they say about making a good…”_____ __________.” Very good.
  2. the first post launches the web page! reining in the onslaught of ideas and content so that the beast will prance, dance and bring home blue ribbons of a company’s first LEADS. (Too heavy on the equine metaphors? Oh well).
  3. Finally, the first post inspires the writers. It holds opportunity like an ocean holds water. Shall we embody our passions and hopes or give insightful tips? Should it articulate the latest promotions? or should it tell a story?

But the first post is also meaningless.

We all hope and wish as we write, and live, that the vitality would be the reality.

The truth is, however, that the first post is built to disappear.

  1. The first writing on a new feed is hardly going to be read! We’re a new business after all. How much traction can we pull out of the technological hat that is the first blog?
  2. The first blog on a page is going to be covered quickly. New posts, new content (what’s the golden rule for marketing, once a week? That’s 52.1429 blogs each year. That number assumes you don’t ALSO post about any extra events or stories.

The last reason is the best really. The first post is meaningless because compared to the reality, compared to what is to come, compared to the incredible PEOPLE here at Umi and those still finding us, this post is going to fade. And the more we try to make what was first be first, last and EVERYTHING in between. Well. The more of the story we are going to miss!

This blog’s job is to fade into the background. It will drift out to sea on the foam, like the Little Mermaid when her heart was broken. But unlike hans Christian Anderson’s character, this article won’t fade because our hearts are broken but because they are so FULL! and ready to join the magnificent waves of a new adventure.

Welcome to the Umi Wellness Center

Welcome home.

By Rachel Lee, Director